The BULLCIRCLE Investment Newsletter

The BULLCIRCLE Investment Newsletter

Swing Trading the S&P 500

The BULLCIRCLE investment newsletter is emailed to subscribers every Sunday with short periodic WhatsApp or emailed messages sent out during market hours.

The objective of the newsletter is composed of two parts.  One is THE TRADER which swing trades the S&P 500 using 6 different US listed ETFs, of which 4 are leveraged.  Swing trading is a style that attempts to capture gains over a few days or a couple of weeks. This is done through a thorough, time-consuming, and detailed analysis of the S&P 500 using short term oscillators, stochastics, price and volume, TICKs, the TRIN, sentiment, and a whole host of other indicators.  Subscribers receive Whatsapp or email messages when a trade is announced indicating what to buy, the buy price or the sell price, and stop levels.  I will also be making the same trades in my own account and I will show my statement once a month in the Sunday newsletter.

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The BULLCIRCLE Investment Newsletter

Supply and Demand

The next part is MY PORTFOLIO, which spots patterns that indicate supply and demand changes in a large number of US listed ETFs. The stock markets move in trends which are determined by the changing attitudes of individual and institutional investors to a variety of economic, monetary, climatic, political, epidemic, and psychological forces. A solid understanding of mass psychology is far more important than good economics. The investment objective is active, intermediate term, above average growth. These signals will also be sent using WhatsApp or emailed messages during the week.  I am not a long-term investor since the long term is dead, no longer viable.  I see no sense in suffering through bear markets and corrections and the slow climb back to breakeven. Like the swing trades, I will also be buying and selling these ETFs.

Understand that if a flipped coin shows 5 heads in a row, most investors feel a tail is probable on the next flip. That’s what you’re up against.

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